Checkaco News: the Body Shop goes bust leaving thousands of customers in the lurch

Checkaco News: the Body Shop goes bust leaving thousands of customers in the lurch

By Harry Mottram: Administrators have been appointed to The Body Shop chain of beauty product shops after a reported poor period of sales over the winter - meaning customers who have paid for goods online are in danger of losing their money. Pervis Chapel of Checkaco said: “We are very concerned over the plight of customers as they could lose any money they have paid up front for online orders. The stores remain open at the moment and we suspect it is possible some will be bought in a deal – but in the meantime we advise customers to refrain from sending orders as they could lose their money and not get any products.”

Founded by the late Anita Roddick in 1976 the retailing chain grew from a single shop to some 3,000 outlets in more than 65 countries with numerous franchised stores and upwards of 9,000 staff with many more suppliers.

The retailer that once dominated the so-called ethical beauty market has seen its share slide as rivals offered equally ethical and environmentally friendly products from Boots to Sainsburys as well as Lush and Neal’s Yard Remedies. However back in the 1980s the chain rose to dominate the market until it all came crashing down when journalist Jon Entine exposed the company for green-washing in 1994 – pretending to be concerned with fair trade and the environment when in reality it wasn’t. After a further expose was published in 2004 the chain began to see its market challenged by new firms who used ethical and environmental standards as part of their USP. The firm was sold to L’Oreal in 2006 who sold it on again to Natura in 2017 for £880 million before Aurelius acquired it in 2023 for £207 million.

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