Full peace of mind for £6.50 per company checked.
Quickly view a company's CCJ's, legal ownership, credit history, credit score and more.

Checkaco was created for consumers so that they can quickly access very detailed information about a company. Using our secure search, you can view any company anonymously in seconds.

3 X reports £19.50 (£6.50 each)
10 X reports £37.50 (£3.75 each)
25 X reports £88.75 (£3.55 each)
100 X reports £335.00 (£3.35 each)

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Reduce the risk of important financial decisions

We understand that handing your life savings, and/or hard-earned money over to a business you know nothing about can be scary. Our business credit checks help you reduce risk and make safer decisions




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Why Checkaco?

We're often asked to put so much trust in businesses we know nothing about. Whether it's for a job, to deliver a service or even as an investment, handing our lives or hard-earned money over to a business we don't know can be a significant risk. We created Checkaco to help you reduce that risk.

By providing information about every business in the UK our mission is to help everyone make safer financial decisions.

Simply enter the name of the business you would like to learn more about and our credit checking tool will analyse that business and generate a report detailing key financial and legal information.

You don't need a degree in business to understand our reports, we simplify technical jargon and give simple scoring systems to put you in control and help you make safer decisions based on robust data and insight.

We'll help you make safer financial decisions

Is the company credible?

We'll score the company out of 100. The lower the number, the riskier the business.

Who is legally in charge?

See the names of all the directors and secretaries as well their other interests.

Has it had any legal cases?

Understand if the company has a history of not paying its bills or delivering its services.