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Checkaco offers all UK-based companies' CCJs, legal ownership, credit history, and more.

Checkaco was created for consumers so that they can check company credit score of UK based companies. Using our secure search, you can view any company anonymously in seconds.

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Welcome to Checkaco - Your Trusted Partner for Company Credit Search and Company Credit Scores in UK

At Checkaco, we understand the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to your business partnerships. Whether you're extending credit, forming alliances, or simply exploring new opportunities, knowing the creditworthiness of potential partners is crucial. That's why we're here - to provide you with accurate and up-to-date company credit scores, empowering you to make smarter choices for your business.

Who We Are?

Checkaco is a leading provider of company credit reports in the UK. Our mission is to simplify the process of obtaining reliable credit information, enabling businesses to assess risk, build trust, and foster successful relationships.

How it works

1.Search: Simply enter the name of the company you wish to check, and our system will swiftly process the request.

2.Select the Report: Choose the appropriate credit report package that suits your needs.

3.Receive Your Report: Once payment is confirmed, you'll receive the comprehensive credit report instantly, providing you with valuable insights for your business assessment.

Enter the name of the business you want to check

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More Information

Features of our Credit Reports

Credit Scores: Get an easy-to-understand credit score that helps you gauge a com

Why Credit Score Matters?

Knowing a company's credit score allows you to:

  • Safeguard against potential bad debt and financial loss.
  • Mitigate risks when extending credit or forming partnerships.
  • Negotiate better terms based on the creditworthiness of the company.
  • Make informed decisions that protect yopany's financial stability and creditworthiness.
  • Credit Limits: Find out the recommended credit limit for the company, helping you make informed decisions on extending credit terms.
  • Payment Trends: Assess the company's payment history to understand how reliable they are in meeting their financial obligations.
  • Director Information: Gain insights into the key individuals behind the company, enhancing your understanding of its management.
  • Company Details: Access essential details about the company, such as registration numbers, addresses, and current status.
  • Financial Statements: In-depth financial information helps you evaluate the company's performance and potential risks.ur business interests.

Who Benefits from Checkaco?

  • Suppliers: Secure your receivables by evaluating the creditworthiness of potential buyers.
  • Financial Institutions: Make well-informed lending decisions based on accurate credit reports.
  • Business Owners: Safeguard your company by assessing the creditworthiness of potential partners.
  • Credit Managers: Streamline credit assessment processes with reliable credit scores.
  • Entrepreneurs: Make smarter choices when exploring new business opportunities.

Reduce the risk of important financial decisions

We understand that handing your life savings, and/or hard-earned money over to a business you know nothing about can be scary. Our business credit checks help you reduce risk and make safer decisions




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Letting Agents

Why Checkaco?

We're often asked to put so much trust in businesses we know nothing about. Whether it's for a job, to deliver a service or even as an investment, handing our lives or hard-earned money over to a business we don't know can be a significant risk. We created Checkaco to help you reduce that risk.

By providing information about every business in the UK our mission is to help everyone make safer financial decisions.

Comprehensive Data: Our credit reports offer a comprehensive overview of a company's financial health, including credit scores, credit limits, payment trends, director information, and more.

Reliable Sources: We gather data from trusted sources such as Companies House, the Registry Trust, and various financial institutions, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Simply enter the name of the business you would like to learn more about and our credit checking tool will analyse that business and generate a report detailing key financial and legal information.

You don't need a degree in business to understand our reports, we simplify technical jargon and give simple scoring systems to put you in control and help you make safer decisions based on robust data and insight.

Real-Time Updates: Our credit reports are regularly updated to reflect the latest information, keeping you well-informed on any changes that could impact your decisions.

User-Friendly Platform: Our website is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to access credit reports quickly and efficiently.

We'll help you make safer financial decisions

Is the company credible?

We'll score the company out of 100. The lower the number, the riskier the business.

Who is legally in charge?

See the names of all the directors and secretaries as well their other interests.

Has it had any legal cases?

Understand if the company has a history of not paying its bills or delivering its services.


How is Company Credit Risk information calculated?

Risk Scores are calculated using a unique algorithm that analyses historic insolvency rates in order to generate key risk variables. These variables are essential in predicting the future behaviour of a company and adjusted based on business size and industry. The scoring algorithm is re-assessed quarterly to give you the most up to date and relevant rating possible.

How is the Credit Limit calculated?

Credit Limits are calculated by analysing a company's financial position in conjunction with the credit risk rating. Typically, if a company has a positive rating and has key financials such as Net Worth, Working Capital, Net Cash Flow Operations, Debtors & Cash and Turnover are all of high value, then a company will be assigned a reasonable credit limit. If these values are low (or negative) then the credit limit decision will reflect this.

What factors contribute to the score and limit of a company?

Our company credit check algorithm takes into account the following factors: 1. Age of Company 2. Company Size 3. Financial Performance 4. Age of Financials 5. Comments from Independent Auditors 6. Director’s History and Performance 7. Group Influence 8. Demographics 9. Mortgage Data 10.Industry Insolvency Trends 11.Number of CCJs 12.Value and Frequency of CCJs 13. Time Critical Filings

How often is the Risk Score and Credit Limit calculated?

Daily feeds are taken from official sources to update reports on a real time basis.

How soon can I access my Business Credit Report?

We update our UK data continuously, meaning all information is up-to-the-minute. Once purchased, you’ll have instant access to your business check.

Can I use Endole Reports to make credit decisions?

Absolutely. We provide you with the real-time credit score of a company, including information for background checks like registered address, financial accounts, and county court judgements. At Checkaco, we take pride in delivering high-quality and accurate credit reports to businesses across the UK. Our commitment to transparency and integrity has made us the go-to source for reliable credit information. Join our growing community of satisfied customers and ensure your business's success with informed decision-making.

Can I check a company's credit score?

Business credit scores are accessible to the public, in contrast to personal credit scores. Anyone can check your company's score at one of the reporting organizations, albeit they might have to pay to do so. There are numerous organizations that track business credit scores.

Can I check if a company has a CCJ?

Yes, by going to the Checkaco website, you may verify if there is a judgement. You must provide your personal information or the name, address, or company name of the company you want to examine in order to search for judgments, orders, and penalties.

How do you conduct a company credit search?

Get a credit report from a respected credit bureau as the first step.
The second step is to research.
Third, get in touch with more vendors.
Step four is to use the Pro-forma methodology.

How do you conduct a company credit search?

Identification of the company and credit rating. Find out a company's year of establishment, registration number, registered office address, website address, phone number, and industry.
Publicly available data.
Complete payment details.
Financial information as of the most recent year