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Registered Number 05763365
Registered Office 1 MOUNTFIELD ROAD
Trading Address 1 Mountfield Road
Incorporation Date 30 Mar 2006
Company Status NonActive
Company Type Private limited with Share Capital
Accounts Filing Date 31 Jan 2015
Principal Activity Electrical installation
Other Activities Installation electrical wiring etc. - SIC03 code 4531
Other Key Dates Date of Last Annual Return to Registry:
  Accounting Reference Date: 30 Apr 2014

Risk Summary

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* Local credit score, as used by the supplier in the UK, ranging from 1 to 100.
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Public Info - County Court Judgments, Scottish Decrees etc

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Event Date
New Accounts Filed 05 Feb 2015
Annual Returns 12 May 2014
New Accounts Filed 04 Feb 2014
Annual Returns 09 Apr 2013
New Accounts Filed 04 Feb 2013
Mr M.I. Armstrong has left the board 11 Dec 2012
New Board Member Ms L. McAdoo appointed 11 Dec 2012
Annual Returns 12 May 2012
New Accounts Filed 06 Feb 2012
Annual Returns 29 Apr 2011
Xseption (recorded when unusual patterns of behaviour or financial results have been identified)
None Recorded

Known Directors

Name Ms Lyndsey Diane McAdoo
Address 1 Mountfield Road, Harwarden, Flintshire, CH5 3AA
Date of Appointment (appointed 07 Dec 2012)
Other Directorships
  DOWN TO EARTH SOLUTIONS (UK) LIMITED (08728649 - Company is dissolved)
  LDMA CONSULTANCY LIMITED (08580490 - Company is dissolved)
Company Secretary
Name Ms Lyndsey Diane McAdoo
Address 1 Mountfield Road, Hawarden, Clwyd, CH5 3AA
Date of Appointment 30 Apr 2006

Financial Data – Statutory Accounts

Profit and Loss
Accounts Date30 Apr 201430 Apr 201330 Apr 201230 Apr 201130 Apr 2010
Audit Fees0.
Balance Sheet
Tangible Assets2,9623,7034,6293,9174,896
Intangible Assets0.,000
Total Fixed Assets2,9623,7034,6293,9177,896
Trade Debtors16,62625,7385,02332,34718,404
Other Debtors0.
Misc Current Assets0.
Total Current Assets24,85959,36943,48436,06620,893
Total Assets27,82163,07248,11339,98328,789
Trade Creditors26,37261,03730,4117,6997,772
Bank Borrowings Current0.
Other Short Term Finance0.
Misc Current Liabilities0.
Total Current Liabilities26,37261,03730,4117,6997,772
Other Long Term Finance0.
Total Long Term Liabilities0.
Total Liabilities26,37261,03730,4117,6997,772
Net Assets1,4492,03517,70232,28421,017
Issued Share Capital22222
Revaluation Reserve0.
Revenue Reserves1,4472,03317,70032,28221,015
Other Reserves0.
Total Shareholders Equity1,4492,03517,70232,28421,017
Financial Summary
Income Statement
Net Cash Flow Before Financing0.
Contingent Liabilities0.
Bank Overdraft and L T L0.
Working Capital-1,513-1,66813,07328,36713,121
Capital Employed1,4492,03517,70232,28421,017
Net Worth1,4492,03517,70232,28418,017
Financial Ratios
Current Ratio0.911.44.72.7
Liquidity Ratio Or Acid Test0.911.44.62.6
Current Debt Ratio18.2301.70.20.4
Equity In Percentage5.23.236.880.781.5
Total Debt Ratio18.2301.70.20.4

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