Checkaco News: Dodgy landlords, holiday deposits and don’t get ripped off when buying an ebike or a horse

The outrageous small print that can trap you into paying thousands in escalating ground rent  Developers selling new homes are often found guilty of it as are private landlords looking to trap their buyers into paying through the nose for so-called ground rent. When buying a home whether it is a flat or a house […]

Checkaco News: dodgy Boys from the Black Stuff, heartless wedding venues, weeds not flowers and the debit card currency rip-off conning holidaymakers

The driveway cowboys have been around ever since tarmac was invented. The con is the dodgy workman knocks on the victim’s door and says they’ve some spare resurfacing material left over after working on a nearby road scheme and for cash, they’ll redo the householder’s driveway. They look unprofessional and you guessed it – money […]

Checkaco News: festival ticket scams, timeshare alert, avoid dodgy builders and one easy tip on how to spot a fake website

Festival ticket scamWith the Covid-19 restrictions set to be lifted this spring the highly popular rock music Reading Festival is to be staged at the end of August.Already the event has been sold out with all tickets sold in advance through the official website but that hasn’t stopped dodgy firms from selling non-existent tickets to desperate […]

Checkaco News: stories of rogue printers, puppy scammers, a bank that lost jewellery and a hotel that went bust and won’t refund wedding reception deposits – always do a Checkaco first before paying a deposit

In this age of lockdowns there are fake businesses out there online posing as legitimate firms. They always ask for deposits but never supply the goods. Or there are thousands of firms set to go bust and will hang onto your deposit – for a wedding, a conservatory or a car – and then go […]

Every year hundreds of builders with poor credit ratings go bust taking with them their customers’ cash deposits

Many people lose their cash deposits to building firms when they go out of business before any work has begun. All firms have tell-tale credit histories which reveal if they can be trusted with your money. Checkaco’s credit checks are accurate and up to date so you can spot if the builder you choose is safe […]

Concerned about your holiday company because of Covid? Check them out with Checkaco for £5.95

They keep going bust: Thomas Cook, Tucan Travel, National Holidays – the list gets longer by the month. If you have paid a large deposit for a holiday this year and you’re not allowed to take the vacation due to Covid restrictions or even worse the holiday firm collapses – you could lose everything. Do a credit check […]

Your clients have been dormant for months – are they still credit worthy?

Many of your customers may have been dormant due to furloughing and the lockdowns but when furloughing ends thousands of firms could go into administration. That means you may not get paid. Things have changed during the pandemic. Do a credit check on them first with Checkaco to see if they are still solvent. The ratings are poor, […]