Checkaco Consumer News: romance fraud is fleecing victims of thousands of pounds every week – don’t be conned this Valentine’s

By Harry Mottram: years ago romance bloomed in discos, the pub or even the bus stop – but today couples get hitched online. And that can spell danger as fraudsters can pose on sites like Tinder as someone they are not by using other people’s photos and information. Once they have hooked someone as a […]

Checkaco Consumer News: concerns of Viagogo ‘marking up Peter Kay tickets 1,080%’ plus warnings over fake ticket sites scamming punters

The Bolton-based stand-up comedian Peter Kay has unwittingly sparked a deluge of problems for his fans after announcing a number of live gigs later this year and in 2023. Nothing unusual about that except in this digital age scammers and rip-off merchants are two a penny as they fleece punters of their hard-earned cash. Ten […]

Checkaco Consumer News: cryptocurrency is a ‘Ponzi scheme’ argument strengthens as FTX almost collapses

By Harry Mottram: Checkaco have reacted to the near collapse of the cryptocurrency giant FTX pouring scorn on the notion that it is the future of money. The credit checking firm said the digital assets market had been stunned by the demise of FTX when a bail out with Binance saw a draining of support. […]

Checkaco Consumer News: Customers left high and dry after major online retailed goes bust

Checkaco has hit out at the online retailer who have gone into administration leaving hundreds out of work and customers in the dark about their cash and refunds. The administrators PWC said around 4000 jobs would go immediately with another 100 or so once the business had been wound up. However, consumers are left […]

Checkaco Consumer News: latest online scams to watch out for, the bogus training firm highlighted on Rip Off Britain and the builder who went bust taking their customers’ cash with them

Always do a Checkaco on a firm you intend to pay cash to Everyday emails pop up in junk and spam folders in most people’s computers however some get through the filters and arrive in your in box. Like the one apparently from McAfee Security landing you with a £1,247 pound annual subscription complete with […]

Checkaco Consumer News: music fans lose their cash after Festicket goes bust leaving them ticketless for a string of gigs and festival dates

Hundreds of music fans have been left high and dry after end-to-end festival experience and ticket supplier Festicket entered administration after a moratorium filed in August ended. Customers of the firm set up by Zack Sabban and Jonathan Younes in 2014 are unlikely to see any of their cash for a huge variety of ticketed […]

CHECKACO CONSUMER NEWS: Andrew Bailey and the FCA are in the firing line as the BBC’s Panorama exposes its inaction over the collapsed Blackmore Bond fund losing the public their life savings

Journalists on the BBC programme Panorama have revealed a shocking level of inaction by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who failed to intervene when the Blackmore Bond fund collapsed. The fund was controlled by CEO Phillip Nunn, who set up the investment scheme with Patrick McCreesh in 2016 to sell high-risk mini bonds to the […]

CONSUMER NEWS FROM CHECKACO: bride-to-be loses £20,000 put aside for her wedding to ‘double bluff’ bank scam

Bank scam warning She was young, clued up and knew all about phone scams but she still got ripped off in a ‘double bluff’ scam. That’s a scam where the scammer is questioned by the victim who then to prove they are genuine passes them to a so-called official who gives them a crime reference […]

Checkaco Consumer News: after England women footballers beat Germany in the Euros a high street bank warns fans are being scammed by fraudsters over fake tickets

By Harry Mottram: with the new football season upon us fans are being duped out of an average of £410 a time by fraudsters selling fake tickets online. Typically, they advertise on social media so called spare tickets or unwanted season tickets to any of the major football clubs in the Championship and Premier League. […]

CHECKACO NEWS: BBC’s Countryfile presenter Helen Skelton is scammed out of her £70K life savings

One of the best known faces on BBCTV admits to being ‘stupid’ in falling for a ‘dodgy’ phone call that emptied her bank account. Helen Skelton, best known for presenting Countryfile on television but also famous for being one of the presenters of Blue Peter for years, admitted falling for the scam was a big […]