About Us

Why we founded the company

We hear all too often, from our friends and the news, about everyday people who lose large sums of money when a company goes out of business.

When a Wiltshire based Hot Air Ballooning firm went under in 2013 taking up to £1m worth of prepayments, we were left with no other choice than to go out there and create a place where members of the public can assess a company before handing over their hard earned money.

You don't have to be a big business or spend lots of money to check out a company, you just need to sign up and type in the name of the business,

How it works

So, what will you learn from our reports?

CreditCheckCo reports are simple to read and contain plain English guides throughout. Simply click on Help symbols (click again to hide)

  • Whether or not a company is credible
    • Our report will give you a Risk Score out of 100. The lower the number, the more risky the business.
  • Who is legally in charge of the company
    • You will see the names of all the company directors and secretaries as well as other companies they're involved with.
  • If the company has been in any legal cases
    • If the company has a history of not paying its bills or delivering its services, all will be revealed in the report
  • Other companies involved
    • Are you dealing with a stand-alone company or a company that's part of a bigger picture? Are the other companies reputable?