Checkaco News: nightmare as kitchen firm goes bust, romance scams, Bitcoin con and shock as solicitor is hacked Kitchen companies that come and go – and take your cash

The consumer press is filled with stories of people who have looked at their old kitchens during lockdown and thought it would be good to change to something minimal and modern now they work from home. Kitchens are pretty expensive home improvements especially if they are fitted by specialist companies – although the flip side […]

Checkaco News: Bitcoin scams, self-publishing pitfalls when paying up front, wedding venues that go bust with your cash and how to spot fake websites

Don’t fall for the dodgy crypto currency tradersThe leading crypto currency Bitcoin crashed this spring when Elon Musk said Tesla would no longer trade in them due to environmental considerations and the Chinese Government announced a crack-down on their trade.Despite the fall in price many people have looked to invest in crypto currencies such as […]