CHECKACO CONSUMER NEWS: Andrew Bailey and the FCA are in the firing line as the BBC’s Panorama exposes its inaction over the collapsed Blackmore Bond fund losing the public their life savings

Journalists on the BBC programme Panorama have revealed a shocking level of inaction by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who failed to intervene when the Blackmore Bond fund collapsed. The fund was controlled by CEO Phillip Nunn, who set up the investment scheme with Patrick McCreesh in 2016 to sell high-risk mini bonds to the […]

CONSUMER NEWS FROM CHECKACO: bride-to-be loses £20,000 put aside for her wedding to ‘double bluff’ bank scam

Bank scam warning She was young, clued up and knew all about phone scams but she still got ripped off in a ‘double bluff’ scam. That’s a scam where the scammer is questioned by the victim who then to prove they are genuine passes them to a so-called official who gives them a crime reference […]

Checkaco Consumer News: after England women footballers beat Germany in the Euros a high street bank warns fans are being scammed by fraudsters over fake tickets

By Harry Mottram: with the new football season upon us fans are being duped out of an average of £410 a time by fraudsters selling fake tickets online. Typically, they advertise on social media so called spare tickets or unwanted season tickets to any of the major football clubs in the Championship and Premier League. […]