Checkaco News: beware the insolvent food wholesaler, Forex scams, fake colleges and fake jobs

Always do a Checkaco on a firm if you are parting with large amounts of cash Brookside Foods, Chiltern Foods, Dovey Premium Products, Baraka Foods, Serious Foods… the list is endless – major wholesalers in the catering and hospitality industries struggling or going bust – don’t get caught out when you pay up front for a big […]

Checkaco News: Care home lost deposits, unexpected massive repairs on flats, Reading Festival ticket scam and non existent holidays in Portugal

Always do a Checkaco on a firm if you are parting with large amounts of cash as a deposit  Every month retirement homes go into administration due to the collapse in numbers of residents caused by the Covid-19 crisis and spiralling debts.Many have lost residents to the pandemic while more have seen residents elect to […]

Checkaco News: Dodgy landlords, holiday deposits and don’t get ripped off when buying an ebike or a horse

The outrageous small print that can trap you into paying thousands in escalating ground rent  Developers selling new homes are often found guilty of it as are private landlords looking to trap their buyers into paying through the nose for so-called ground rent. When buying a home whether it is a flat or a house […]