A Useful Tool to Prevent Getting Scammed

It’s easy in today’s world to turn to online browsing when you’re looking for certain services or products. When websites have wonderful enticing images and promises of bargain prices, how do you know if by pressing click you might just be waving goodbye to your hard earned cash?

Check here first

We offer a useful tool here at Checkaco that has the ability help you prevent getting scammed. The Checkaco website lets you find out important information when you check a company, providing useful details about its business background before you part with your money. You can check how long it has been trading, see details of the directors’ names and changes in directors, look at the credit rating and risk score and see profit and loss accounts for up to 5 years. These checks are quick and easy to do, letting you check a company in a fast, simple and anonymous way.

Useful Advice

If you’ve been asked to pay a deposit or asked to pay money upfront, you need to do some checks on the company’s business background to avoid getting scammed. Checkaco has been designed to offer the ordinary person quick and easy access to information that will provide vital clues as to how much of a risk this payment might be, all at a low price. It offers simple guides to those who might be unsure as to what to look for or what the significance of the information is.

Our quick and easy to use tool could save you heartache and stop you from being scammed by unscrupulous businesses who could cause you frustration and financial loss by making you promises provided you pay in advance. Don’t let it happen to you! Check with Checkaco first and have the reassurance of being able to make a more informed decision when deciding which businesses you can trust.

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