Business Background Checks for the Consumer

Background Checks for the Consumer

Whether you’re buying a car, paying for a wedding or refurbishing your home, you’ll want the reassurance of knowing that you’re dealing with someone reputable. But checking out reviews from satisfied customers isn’t enough if the business is having financial problems.

Although a company may seem outwardly successful, it’s not difficult to disguise what’s really going on. Be it a director with a dubious track record of financial irregularities, the business is teetering on the brink of collapse, or even one with an outstanding track record… it’s essential that you have all the facts.

The good news is that now, with Checkaco’s fast and affordable company credit check service, it’s easy to check a company to find out what’s really going on. A business credit check ensures that you’re handing over your hard-earned money to someone with a deeper sense of trust to deliver what they promise.

Simple Peace of Mind

We offer everyone the ability to carry out a business credit check, an easy way to get peace of mind. For just £3.85, you’ll get a full company credit check containing vital information that will allow you to see whether there are any warning signs.

A business which is piling up debts, has a poor credit rating or discrepancies over the name and address of the registered office could all be signs that things aren’t what they seem. If a company is about to go bust, you’ll lose any cash you’ve paid to them, leaving you out of pocket. A credit report will alert you to any issues which are looming and prevent you from losing out.

The whole process is quick, simple and more importantly… completely anonymous. The company will never know that you’ve checked them out before paying.

Don’t Pay Without a Credit Check

There are many circumstances where you might want to check a company, and Checkaco provides the hassle-free way to do this. Perhaps you’re a consumer making a purchase, or maybe you’re a self-employed person who is about to offer their services to the company; whatever your situation, checking the company out first could save a lot of heart-ache in the long-term.

The credit report you’ll receive with Checkaco is comprehensive and detailed, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether the business is acting honestly. There are so many tales of woe where small businesses have disappeared with the money or gone bust without delivering what was paid for that it’s simply not worth taking the risk.

If you’re not familiar with credit reports and ratings, the easy-to-use guide provides plenty of assistance throughout the document. Simply click on the hyperlinks to get more guidance on any particular element of the report.

Reassure Yourself First

Checking a company’s credit report can be invaluable but you should of course always make sure that you verify their identity too. Check the business card for a full trading name and address and never hand over any cash without independently verifying and checking a business first.

By taking smart steps to carry out the basic checks and then ordering a Checkaco report for £3.85, you can be satisfied you’re doing everything possible to protect yourself against the threat of rogue traders.

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