Behind the Mask

Beware the phoney face mask seller – don’t part with any cash until you’ve checked them on

Thousands of people are ordering face masks and other PPE items every hour of the day in the UK as the Covid-19 outbreak continues and the call to return to normal grows.

However Checkaco has come across scores of companies saying they can supply PPE and face masks in particular if you send them cash. Many of these online firms are not all that they seem – so before you make an order check them out at Checkaco for £3.85.

In one case Interpol prevented a German hospital parting with £1.4m from a fake firm in the Netherlands which in fact was operated via Ireland from an address in Nigeria. If hospitals and hospital trusts can be fooled then so can the general public. Checkaco has heard from dozens of consumers who’ve drawn our attention to companies that say they are specialists in PPE. Ones such as and SoSweaty are unlikely to process your order but will keep your cash.

Birmingham Live reported: “One scam website was rumbled after exploiting a legitimate Birmingham company – run by a Midland doctor – to try and profiteer from the crisis, Birmingham City Council’s Trading Standards said. Despite appearing ‘convincing’, the scammers had stolen the identity of A & G Medical Ltd – which never had its own site – to set up a website using a US domain server.”

The best thing to do to always check them out first at and for £3.85 save yourself a lot of heartache, stress and cash.

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