Checkaco News: Glamour model Katie Price promoted Forex con; don’t get caught out by fake NHS; the phoney booster jab scam; and the rip-off price hikes for break down cover Celebrity model cons her followers

Celebrity glamour model Katie Price was exposed last month to have promoted a Forex scam to her 2.6 million Instagram followers. She failed to reveal she was paid thousands of pounds by rogue Forex trader Josh Chandler according to Jack Newman in the Mail Online.

Price claimed not to know it was a con and promptly fled abroad on another holiday to escape the wrath of the thousands of victims who had fallen for the scam. They vented their fury at the model having trusted her recommendation to invest in the trader’s scheme which uses the fluctuating values of international currencies to make a profit from buying low and selling high.

One victim was nurse Kate Dalrymple who told The Mail Online that she had lost £825 having been guaranteed she’d get an instant profit of £425 if she ‘transferred £100, but was then asked to pay a ‘release fee’ of £725 with the promise of receiving £4,000.’

If they had done a Checkaco credit check they would have spotted a wrong ‘un.

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Track and Trace scam

Scammers have been phoning people at random to tell them they have been close to someone infected with Covid-19 and so they need to self-isolate.

The caller tells them they will be sent a new testing kit which gives an immediate result meaning they can end self-isolation – but it costs several hundred pounds.

Once their bank details are obtained on the phone their bank account is drained and of course no such testing kit exists.
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Booster Covid jab offer – for cash

People have been receiving an email saying they can have a booster Covid-19 jab if they have already been double jabbed. The text states it means they will be protected from any new variants this winter and prove a barrier against future outbreaks including the flu. Except it’s a con.

Victims are asked to pay up front for the jab and are given a link to a fake NHS website to convince them it’s genuine. Of course, once they have paid up to £500 for the ‘jab’ they discover when they contact the NHS than no such jab or appointment exists.

Always check the URL on any website as it may be similar to the real NHS website but is slightly different such as ‘NNHS’ or ‘National Healthy Service’ which reads as the NHS in short form.

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Expensive breakdown cover

It’s not only motor insurers who jack up the cost of their cover every year in the hope the customer doesn’t spot the increased direct debit but the break down cover organisations like the RAC, AA, Green Flag and others do the same.

Take one customer who noticed the AA were about to take £370 from his bank account having been with them for 30 years when last year he paid £260 making it a massive increase. And he had not used their service in five years.

He checked the price for a new customer and was stunned to see it was £139 and so phoned the AA to complain – they said he could pay the same as last year which was more than £100 over what he would pay if he was a new member. Not surprisingly he left the AA.

Always check those standing orders and direct debits in case the company has attempted to hike the price without you noticing.
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