Flowers, plants & shrubs… oh my!

Thank goodness garden centres are reopening as there are rogue sites online that say they sell plants but they never arrive.

There have been a string of complaints about online firms who claim to stock flowers, bedding plants and shrubs which can be ordered and delivered during the lock down.

Often they are set up with the best intentions but are simply not geared up properly and the people behind them have seen a chance for a quick buck. With garden centres closed and some willing to sell their plants wholesale to anyone – it means there’s sharp practice in buying the near dead plants and flogging them online. Checkaco has seen several so-called enterprises like this since Easter so don’t fall for these operations as they’ll bank your cash but from our experience the plants arrive dead or not at all.

Always use established plant and garden centres and always check them out online at Checkaco as in these strange times even well-known firms may be about to go bust.

Check them out first at and for £3.85 save yourself a lot of heartache, stress and cash. 

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