CHECKACO NEWS: check out the builders first if you plan to use them to construct an extension on your home (or you could end up with £100,000 bill like this MP)

Many people have engaged builders to extend their homes after being stuck inside with the Covid lockdowns and a need to work from home and create a professional office space. Having an extension can increase the value of your home and create more space making it a more attractive place to live – but beware. […]

CHECKACO NEWS UPDATE: the £3.2 million that Katie Price’s company owes in tax and to the public who paid for goods

Katie Price’s business is shut down owing millions to suppliers and members of the public who won’t get all of their money back. Much has been written about the demise of the glamour model Katie Price’s business which as a limited company is a separate entity from her personally. For the record her company Jordan […]

CHECKACO NEWS: Young people make up 70% of online cryptocurrency scams

People under 45 make the vast majority of victims of cryptocurrency fraud. Duped by fake adverts on social media promoting cryptocurrencies and meme stocks they are quickly fleeced by fraudsters who have no intention of investing the victims’ cash. Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis often has his name falsely linked to the adverts as are […]