CHECKACO NEWS: car insurance scam targeting young drivers with fake insurance

Young and vulnerable motorists are being sold cheap fake car insurance by fraudsters on an industrial scale through social media. Victims typically see an advert for car insurance considerably lower than £2,000 for a typical Ford Fiesta from a reputable insurance company and ask for a quote from a fraudster posing as a broker. The […]

CHECKACO NEWS: As crypto currencies crash fears are raised that some are in effect Ponzi Schemes as industry is defended on TV

Last November the Bitcoin was on a high as the new crypto currencies appeared to enjoy financial stability suggesting they were a new way to get rich by investing in them. Eight months later and Bitcoin has halved in value, Celsius Network has frozen withdrawals, TerraUSD is now valueless, while Ethereum one of the big […]

CHECKACO NEWS: New Amazon delivery scam highlighted by TV’s Martin Lewis

Scam alert The Money Saving expert Martin Lewis has issued a warning over a ‘clever’ scam pretending to be from the Post Office about an Amazon delivery. He said: “Beware. Just had a clever version of the ‘pay £1.99 for Post Office Parcel delivery’ scam text, aiming to steal bank info. The ‘fee’ isn’t mentioned […]