CHECKACO NEWS: Banks warn of scam loans as victims are asked for an upfront payment to access a cost of living pay out but get nothing

The cost of living crisis is driving people into debt and the scammers are preying on the public’s desperate need for cash to pay energy and food bills. Lloyds Bank are one of a number of banks who have issued warnings to customers after scammers have posted adverts online from fictitious companies offering cheap loans. […]

CHECKACO NEWS: Tear gas, pepper spray and being hit by a Gendarme’s truncheon – all caused by scam match tickets (here is how to avoid them)

Scam match tickets Liverpool fans caught up in Paris nightmare for the European Champion League’s match in May were flooded with fake tickets which caused a night of misery. Thousands of fan bought what they believed were genuine paper tickets which were forgeries meaning when they arrived at the turnstiles their ticket was rejected and […]

Customers risk losing their cash by placing orders with a troubled online fashion store that is teetering on the brink of collapse

Online fashion house Missguided is still taking orders on their website despite fears the business is about to fail meaning their money may not be refunded. Checkaco has said anyone planning on ordering from the business should understand the risks after suppliers to Missguided turned up at the headquarters of online fashion company demanding to […]

CHECKACO NEWS: Young fundraisers could lose all their cash as sustainable development charity Raleigh International goes bust

Young fundraisers could lose all their cash as sustainable development charity Raleigh International goes bust A charity launched by Prince Charles in 1978 has gone bust leaving up to 50 staff out of work and hundreds of young people in the lurch with their hard earned cash from fun raising lost. Raleigh International is a so-called sustainable […]

CHECKACO NEWS UPDATE: The high risk of paying into a funeral plan – ahead of enforced regulation Safe Hands goes bust losing all the money their 46,000 customers invested in funeral plans

Reports that directors of failed funeral firm Safe Hands ‘helped themselves’ to £60 million trust money ahead of regulation being imposed has set alarm bells ringing in the industry. On July 29, 2022, firms who offer pre-paid funeral plans will be regulated by the Government’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Those firms which decline to be […]