CHECKACO NEWS Gullible parents are losing thousands to fraudsters using WhatsApp to scam cash pretending to be their children

Action Fraud have issued warnings about a new type of scam that has been fleecing parents of cash using the encryptic messaging service WhatsApp. The police have reported on a number of incidents where parents have been sent messages apparently from their children asking for money due to being in financial trouble whilst away for […]

CHECKACO NEWS The scandal of the cruise firm collapse: ‘If only I had done a Checkaco on the holiday firm I wouldn’t have lost my £5,000 deposit’

If only I had done a Checkaco on the holiday firm I wouldn’t have lost my £5,000 deposit Last year the cruise liner firm Cruise & Maritime Voyages (part of South Quay Travel & Leisure), went into administration taking with it hundreds of thousands of pounds in deposits from customers planning on taking their dream […]

CHECKACO NEWS Beware of the pub: warnings over ‘surge’ in insolvencies as hospitality sector hits the rocks

Beware of the pub: warnings over ‘surge’ in insolvencies as hospitality sector hits the rocks If you’re considering booking a restaurant or gastro pub for a belated festive meal for your work colleagues, then beware. Due to the Government’s warnings about the Omicron variant of Covid-19 the hospitality industry has had a poor Christmas with […]

CHECKACO NEWS: A warning from recent European history – the day Albania ran out of cash due to pyramid schemes

A warning from recent European history: the day Albania ran out of cash due to pyramid schemes You may have read this month about Elizabeth Holmes in America who has just been sentenced to serve time in prison for fraud. Essentially, she created an elaborate and contemporary Ponzi Scheme – a phoney investment that promised […]

CHECKACO NEWS: Crypto currency fraud is on the rise and it’s mainly the young who lose out to the tune of £20,000 a time

Action Fraud – the UK’s police unit dedicated to catching fraudsters – said that last year around £150 million was stolen by criminals from the general public. The crime fighting organisation said: “Since the start of 2021, Action Fraud has received 7,118 reports of cryptocurrency fraud, with an average loss per victim of just over […]

Checkaco News: check a company first in case they go bust with your cash, Rip-off Britain presenter ripped-off, and the story of Anna Sorokin the con woman who stole thousands from friends

Millions of people have lost money to companies going bust this autumn – and with a simple check with Checkaco they could have saved the heartache. In September 1,446 UK companies crashed taking with them billions of pounds of customers cash, leaving their suppliers invoices unpaid and their staff unemployed. A string of energy firms […]

Checkaco News: top tips on avoiding being ripped off by bogus firms, dodgy companies and rogue traders – the number one tip is do a Checkaco on them first

Buying something expensive online?Before you part with hundreds or even thousands of pounds in either buying or paying a hefty deposit follow these 10 top tips so you don’t lose your hard earned cash:  1 Always do a Checkaco on a business for £7.95 you are about to pay money to. Our credit checks are more […]

Checkaco News: the rip-off student accommodation; the snake-oil saleswoman facing criminal charges; the investment trader up against the serious Fraud Office for fraud; and the invisible pets sold to the public by fraudsters

Student accommodation rip-off Before you pay for your student accommodation to a company (or for your son or daughter) do a credit check with Checkaco. Rogue firms who have contracts with colleges and universities have been providing sub-standard accommodation at high prices but with Covid-19 have in many cases been able to charge rent for rooms that are not […]

Checkaco News: media warning over Rail Europe ticket bookings; fraudsters jailed for selling £36m of worthless carbon credits; the con man who faces porridge in Spain but won’t leave is prison cell in England; and the non-existent holiday homes in Portugal

Warning over Rail Europe tickets bookings Writing in The Guardian newspaper this week Miles Brignall warned travellers not to use Rail Europe. The warning was prompted by a reader who had paid in advance £185 for a ticket to travel by train from Paris to Venice in June last year. Booking through a company called Thello on […]

Checkaco News: Glamour model Katie Price promoted Forex con; don’t get caught out by fake NHS; the phoney booster jab scam; and the rip-off price hikes for break down cover Celebrity model cons her followers

Celebrity glamour model Katie Price was exposed last month to have promoted a Forex scam to her 2.6 million Instagram followers. She failed to reveal she was paid thousands of pounds by rogue Forex trader Josh Chandler according to Jack Newman in the Mail Online. Price claimed not to know it was a con and […]