CHECKACO NEWS: be careful when buying from an unofficial ticket company for football tickets as your cash may not be refunded if the game is postponed – as shown in this case

There was a time when you went to a football match and paid a fiver as you went through the turnstile and maybe splashed out on a pie and a Bovril once in the ground. Tickets for a Liverpool, Manchester City or Arsenal game are between £50 and £80 but if you choose a hospitality […]

Checkaco News: Roofers sent to prison after ripping off elderly and vulnerable victims in and around Bristol

Scammers sentenced Brothers Michael Coffey, 29, and Richard Coffey, 25, both of Northwood Park, Old Gloucester Road, Winterbourne, in South Gloucestershire, have been jailed for ripping off elderly and vulnerable residents in Bristol for shoddy roof repairs.They quoted low prices but once work began hiked the costs and demanded more cash netting £44,600 from their […]

CHECKACO NEWS: BBC 1 programme promoting ‘bogus’ cryptocurrency ‘get rich quick’ scheme pulled at the last minute after concerns it was ‘too good to be true’

BBC 1 documentary shut down before it could be screened Hanad Hasan claims he made £5.9 million pounds after investing £37 a year ago in cryptocurrencies last year. There’s an old saying: ‘if it sounds too good to be true then it’s probably not true.’ The BBC’s Cryptocurrencies are big business documentary scheduled for the […]

CHECKACO NEWS: Hidden repair costs and construction problems plus replacing dangerous cladding following the Grenfell Tower fire disaster brings financial ruin to home buyers as they face hefty bills

Buying a flat through an affordable housing scheme should be a fairly straightforward transaction as you expect the administrators will have done all the necessary surveys and scrutiny of safety and paperwork. Not so as Haley Tillotson found out when she bought a flat in Leeds as reported by Sam Barket in the Mirror. They […]

CHECKACO NEWS: Outrage as Netflix exposes The Tinder Swindler – leaving his victims millions out of pocket – while the Israeli con man is still free and flaunting his stolen wealth (but he’s suddenly deleted his Instagram site)

Dirty rotten fraudster: outrage as Netflix exposes The Tinder Swindler leaving his victims millions out of pocket – and the Israeli con man is still free and flaunting his stolen wealth Viewers of the current Netflix series The Tinder Swindler have been shocked by the way con man Shimon Heyada Hayut has relieved a string […]

CHECKACO NEWS: Australian mining billionaire Andrew Forrest takes Facebook to court over criminal use of his image to endorse scam investments

Australian mining billionaire takes Facebook to court over criminal use of his image to endorse scam investments For years Facebook has been accused by high profile celebrities and financial influencers for failing to take down fake adverts using their name and images to endorse scam investments. Now the Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest has decided to […]

CHECKACO NEWS: Beware being contacted by your bank as they could be scammers – as happened in the case of the Kleinwort Hambros

Paul Lewis of the BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme has revealed that members of the general public have been duped out of an astonishing £3.9m. The banking scam used the name of the Kleinwort Hambros to dupe customers into moving money from their real account into fake ones where the criminals could help themselves. […]

CHECKACO NEWS: if only I had done a Checkaco on the holiday cruise firm I wouldn’t have lost my £5,000 deposit

Cruise deposit problems Last year the cruise liner firm Cruise & Maritime Voyages (part of South Quay Travel & Leisure), went into administration taking with it hundreds of thousands of pounds in deposits from customers planning on taking their dream holiday. One wrote to Tony Hazell of the Daily Mail asking why their £4,693.20 deposit […]

CHECKACO NEWS How phone companies keep your cash if you don’t use your Pay As You Go Phone for a few months – and give your number to someone else

Use or lose it – phone firms keep your credit on PAYG after 70 days Writing in the Guardian newspaper the consumer expert Anna Timms gave advice to a reader who had asked why the phone company Three had kept the credit on her late mother’s phone after she died. JC of London had written […]

CHECKACO NEWS Harry and Meghan misused in fake investment endorsement that sees scammers rip off investors

Investment scam The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have said the number of fake adverts for get-rich-quick schemes has massively increased in the last few years with the latest ones using the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to grab attention. Online adverts purporting to be endorsed by Harry and Meghan tempt consumers into parting cash for investments […]